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Never Finished: Unshackle Your Mind and Win the War Within

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This is not my goal, nor most people's goals. I question anyone who is this obsessed with badassery at the expense of everything else in life. Every minute you spend feeling sorry for yourself is another minute not getting better, another morning you miss at the gym, another evening wasted without studying. Another day burned when you didn’t make any progress toward your dreams, ambitions, and deepest desires. The ones you’ve had in your head and heart your entire life.” Dear David, you speak truth to many things: resilience, self-doubt, and fulfilling one’s potential. Yours is the grit of, as you term it, “a savage”, and I deeply admire and respect you for it. Likes: Motivating, upbeat, energising, fascinating stories and attitude to life, loved how the audio was structured with the podcast discussions throughout. Never Finished is a deep dive into David's mindset. He discusses resilience, self-doubt and the importance of making progress toward your goals. But he also explains all of those traits by putting them in the context of being a Navy SEAL.

That’s how it works when you’re trying to change. The call to remain complacent will only from louder until you silence it with a pattern of behaviour that leaves no doubt about your mission.” (Pg. 142)I LOVED this book. David is a former Navy SEAL and Ultramarathon runner. He's also been described as "the toughest man alive" by the US military. Don't give up when it's hard. Give up when it's easy. In other words, it may be valid for you to give up on something, but wait and sleep on it.

Exercise and running in particular is an under-utilised tool for steel plating your mind. I'm a marathon runner myself and until you cover that distance you will never understand the kind of mental beast you need to become to do that. There's pulled muscles, sore joints, a burning chest and an overwhelming desire to quit but you just keep going until you finish the mission. That experience evolves you into a mental savage that can overcome anything in life. But David, I do get the sense that you’ve not yet conquered your final enemy. You cast him in the shadows and believe that he can be banished for good with more physical pain, with another 100-miler. But his isn’t the language of lactic acid torture or intense dehydration. It’s the memory of emotional trauma, ingrained in you through no fault of your own, from critical childhood years that should have been spent under the tender lovingness and psychological safety provided by a parental figure. The stories and lessons in this raw, revealing, unflinching memoir offer the listener a blueprint they can use to climb from the bottom of the barrel into a whole new stratosphere that once seemed unattainable. Whether you feel off-course in life, are looking to maximize your potential or drain your soul to break through your so-called glass ceiling, this is the only book you will ever need.Which is why there has got to be somebody in every family, neighbourhood, culture, nation, and generation who breaks the mold and changes the way others think about society and their place in it. There has got to be someone willing to be an outlier. I’ve needed this book for awhile now. His first book was and has been significant to me. This one has reaffirmed and recharged me. Grateful for it. And, feels apt that this is my 150th book for 2022, a number that never even crossed my mind. I laughed off 125 when someone suggested it in January. Pretty much in alignment with everything he says here—that we have so much more potential than we know, that we limit ourselves in so many ways, but when we get out our our way, we can do things we never even thought possible. Never Finished is about mental grit, becoming dedicated to discipline, and giving your all, to all things you commit to. ⁣ I will forever respect this man and take in all content he is willing to put out. He has an energy that is palpable just from words on paper and even deeper in an audiobook format.

Still, a paragraph at the very end of the book totally changed the way I saw this book, for the better. David Goggins is a badass! A word I personally feel is too frequently and too casual offered as a descriptor but incredibly fitting here, talking about him. ⁣My body had failed me for eight years straight. I could have given up a dozen different times at least. Many late nights and early mornings, my doubt was louder than that DC-3. I had to sit with that doubt, stare into it, and, more often than not, I had no answers, no good reason to think I would ever get here because I kept falling short for one reason or another. It's easier to overcome doubt that you've built up in your mind. It's much harder when you know you've failed more than once and that the odds of success are slim. But because of the way I live and thanks to the mindset I work hard to cultivate, I had enough belief left to try one more time.” (Pg. 304) Listen to the audiobook as it contains exclusive interviews with David Goggins at the end of each chapter.

Recommend For: Instead of this book, I would recommend ‘Can’t Hurt Me’ which is the first book written by the same author. ‘CHM’ explores how each of us have untapped potential which we haven’t explored; while I found Never Finished more aggressive and negative as a whole. Aside from this book being a never ending bible of quotable one liners strong enough to give a fish the courage to climb a tree, it was a beautiful story. David Goggins continues to push the upper limit of what was before seemingly impossible and use his experience to inspire. Dislikes: Very similar to his first book (which I preferred), many aspects to his mindset are not relatable, repetitive, difficult listening at times as he seems to be an individual who enjoys punishing himself rather through working with and through his issues.

Then there's the belief born in resilience. It comes from working your way through layers of pain, fatigue, and reason, and ignoring the ever-present temptation to quit until you strike a source of fuel you didn't even know existed. One that eliminates all doubt, makes you certain of your strength and the fact that eventually, you will prevail, so long as you keep moving forward. That is the level of belief that can defy the expectations of scientists and change everything. It's not an emotion to be shared or an intellectual concept, and nobody else can give it to you. It must bubble up from within.“ (Pg 13) Remember, the struggle is the whole journey. That’s why you’re out there. It’s why you signed up for this race or that class, or took the damn job. There is great beauty when you are involved in something that is so hard most people want it to end.” (Pg. 101) I kind of agree, but that's why you don't get all your wisdom from one source. In terms of what he is advocating for and what he aims to inspire people to do, this book is another banger. I knew that, but I also thought my heart issues were in the rearview mirror. Now, I could see how ridiculous that was.

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