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Star Wars 20-Inch Darth Vader Giant Figure

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I mean, sure. I guess someone out there wants a minifig of George Lucas, with his cute little seventies haircut and his little director's clapboard and his nerd-wear plaid shirt that he probably has a million of and cost thousands of dollars because who cares?

Star Wars - Product Type - Jumbo Figure - Gentle Giant Ltd

This extremely sizeable 2008 set features twenty-four Minifigures and droids set against a hugely interactive Lego version of the planet-destroying Death Star, split into a series of miniature replicas of scenes from A New Hope and Return of the Jedi. The standard grading scale follows the zero to 100 rating method, but adds three levels: gold, silver, and bronze, where: STANDARD GRADING SCALE Notable events you might consider attending include Star Wars Celebration, Toy Fair, and any Comic Con. We help you find out how much your Star Wars action figures are worth and where to sell Star Wars action figures in this comprehensive guideThis huge 2016 revamping of the similarly-large 2008 model actually underwhelmed fans of the Lego Star Wars series of builds, as it's basically just a somewhat improved version of its predecessor - featuring a slightly larger play experience and three new Minifigures. The modern grading scale is intended for action figures manufactured after 1995, and grades from 1 to 10, in increments of 0.25. Like the standard scale, the modern scale applies gold, silver, and bronze levels: MODERN GRADING SCALE So here's where our ol' pal Blue Snaggletooth came from, a box set of characters from the famous cantina in Mos Eisley Spaceport. While the famous BluSnag was an exclusive addition to this set, he's definitely the least recognisable of the four characters included here, though two of them were given hilariously descriptive names instead of being identified by their species or character names. There's the Aqualash who threatens Luke before Obi-Wan intervenes, here given the moniker "Walrusman" which I just love that they made into one word. Who can forget "Hammerhead", aka the Ithorian seen nodding along to his friend for 100 frames in a very popular, deeply silly movie from the 70s?

Star Wars Large Size Action Figures - Final Frontier Toys Star Wars Large Size Action Figures - Final Frontier Toys

Listen, I haven't been a kid in a while and I can barely take care of myself so having a child is way outside the realm of possibility right now, so answer something for me: are lunchboxes still a thing? Because, man, they used to really be a thing.Phone To Sell? Find Cash & Trade In Value › 1. Know what Star Wars action figures you have Research is your friend, and can be the difference between commanding hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars and unwittingly letting them go for far below market value. When you know what you have, you can ensure you’re getting a fair price. 2. Ask for help If you’re not sure what you have, or you’re struggling to identify whether a given action figure is valuable, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Post on forums and seek advice from local, regional, or state Star Wars collector clubs.

Star Wars Action Figures | Star Wars Figures | GAME Star Wars Action Figures | Star Wars Figures | GAME

What makes Star Wars action figures valuable? Several factors combine to dictate a given Star Wars action figure’s value, including: Thurn says there are a few companies that specialize in grading toys (and Star Wars toys represent the vast majority of what they process). He says the condition scale runs from zero to 100, but “there are no standards for what any particular number means, except that 100 would mean the toy was never touched by human hands, which is impossible due to the Heisenberg Principle.” It features nine Minifigures and a bevy of mind-numbingly cool features, making it the perfect build for a group of Star Wars fans ready to embark on a journey of wonder and imagination. A collection of Star Wars action figures owned by a member of the Washington DC Star Wars Collecting Club. Source: Martin ThurnMade by Kenner in 1978, this four-layer dip of a playset is like a snapshot of locations from the original Death Star, with a gun turret, the chasm Luke and Leia swing over, Vader & Obi-Wan's duel and, of course, the trash compactor. It's like a video game vertical slice: really everything major that happens on the Death Star is represented here, in exaggerated action-figure size. Luke & Leia could probably have just stepped over the chasm if this was to scale, not to mention how easy it would be for the Imperials to find them. The general rule for collectibles is ‘scarcity creates value,’ and this certainly applies when it comes to Star Wars figures,” says Schutzer. “The most value pieces are going to be the most rare. It’s very important to rule out any mistakes as well as rule out the possibility of reproductions, which do exist.” Here's the first entry on our list of the original Kenner line of figures from 1978, all of which fetch ridiculously high prices on the market. The "cheapest" is Princess Leia (Thanks, The Patriarchy) featured here with a weird mishmash of outfits: she's in her suit from the Death Star escape, although limitations of the time have cut her dress into some extremely disco flared pants. This 2014 Sandcrawler replica is undoubtedly one of the coolest Lego sets ever created. After fans wanted a bigger version of the legendary Tatooinian vehicle from A New Hope than the 1,669-piece replica released in 2005, Lego delivered with this portable fortress of epic proportions. Another victim of the cancellation of the Kenner line in 1985, this ghost version of Anakin Skywalker as he appears at the end of the original Return of the Jedi is probably even more valuable now that the Special Editions have erased him entirely to be replaced with Hayden Christensen.

Star Wars Action Figures That Are Worth A Fortune Today 30 Star Wars Action Figures That Are Worth A Fortune Today

Any given Star Wars action figure is worth whatever someone will pay for it, but experts agree on several notable examples that carry high value. Were you thinking that every single entry on this list was going to be from the 70s? That's fair! Most of them have! This is one of the more recent entries on the list, so its scarcity comes by design and not because everyone thought Star Wars was going to totally bomb. What kid didn't see Star Wars for the first time and say "Forget the Millenium Falcon and those X-Wings, I want that extremely slow-moving giant brown metal thing the droids get captured in!" Fulfilling a market that absolutely cannot have been demanding its release, here we have the radio controlled Jawa Sandcrawler. Another example of a valuable Star Wars action figure is the vinyl-caped Jawa. Late in the sales process, the manufacturer, Kenner, felt the vinyl cape looked and felt cheap, so it was replaced with a plush fabric robe with hood. This Ultimate Collector's Edition Star Destroyer was released in 2002, by far the largest Star Wars set ever released at that time. It's pretty standard, depicting the intimidating warship produced in mass quantities during the reign of Galactic Emperor Palpatine, but to its credit, it also includes a cool mini-model of the Alderaan cruiser Tantive IV.If you’re selling offline, take a friend along and meet in a safe, well-lit, busy public area. Do not hand over your action figures until you have the cash. Never be afraid to take measures to protect yourself, and be wary of any buyer who doesn’t respect your desire to do so. 5. Create an amazing listing Make your Star Wars action figure listing attractive to buyers with these tips: Loose figures lose value if they have wear and tear such as missing paint or loose limbs,” says Fox. “Carded figures lose value if the card and/or clear plastic bubble is bent or crushed.” A collection of R2-D2’s owned by members of theWashington DC Star Wars Collecting Club. Source: Martin Thurn Oh man, look at this thing! Remember playsets? Those weird cross-section cutouts of movie locations scaled to fit your collection of appropriately themed toys? (Sold seperately.) I know they still make them but these seem like such a relic of the 80s and 90s, although this little number comes in a little earlier even than that.

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