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Baneful Magick: 3 (The Complete Works of E.A. Koetting)

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True story of my apprenticeship under an Eastern yoga master who taught me how to rise on the planes through soul travel. Now you can learn how to take flight out of body, experience the highest dimensions, and enter Ipsissimus like me. 8. The Book of Azazel: Grimoire of the Damned As for the comments about drug use, his full time job as a carpet cleaner, and his “pen-name” being different from his real name, this has no bearing on the quality of his courses or spiritual beliefs. I will be the last person to dish dirt, as I have done some crazy ass things in the past. What is legal one day, is illegal the next. People need to focus on themselves more, and their own personal growth. If you have a better product, service or skill – then put in the effort to make videos and courses and share it will the world. Otherwise shut up. We are going to send you only well-written, informative newsletters. You will never get spam from us. Garden variety religious believers hate me, because my admiration of sorcery sins against their dogmatic laws.

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If you have taken an E.A. Koetting course or read his books, let me know what you think of the content. Did it help you in your practice? What didn’t you like? I’ll then decide if I will support his courses. Those who criticize his work, state he does not visibly summon a demon in his videos. They say he’s fake because the demon never appears. On these comments I will say, that in all my years of attending church or a mosque (begrudgingly), I have never seen Jesus, Mohammed, or God materialize, even after hours of praying and crying from a congregation of believers. However you will hear people say they felt the power of Jesus, or the presence of God. The same can be said with channeling spirit energy. Each person will have a different experience. Some people can hear spirit, others will see spirit, and some who will feel spirit. Some people will never have any experience yet they believe regardless. As you clearly see, my First Editions have become historic essentials to occult book collectors — like a Renaissance painting. Perhaps in a thousand years when I have long died, they could become millions.I mean there’s latent Christianity and then there’s basically Mormon heaven but for extreme esoteric Satanists

E.A. Koetting: is he for real? : r/occult - Reddit E.A. Koetting: is he for real? : r/occult - Reddit

This "got mine, screw you" attitude also applies the demons, angels and other divine beings Koetting talks about. When he's not encouraging magicians to "control" them, he's explaining how most of them are right bastards who should always be kept at arm's length but who will also totally mess up anyone who gets in your way. So I took some time to investigate his Youtube Channel, courses, and then read some of the negative comments others had written. Here’s an apparent photo of E. A. Koetting taken from when he was arrested for drug abuse, just as a reminder that this lowlife is the dude talking to you about how to become a god. Truth be known, even though he is relatively popular in the left hand path scene, E. A. Koetting is actually fairly notorious in occult communities, where there are many occultists who despise Koetting and see him as a scam artist and a phony. Despite all of that, however, Koetting has maintained a certain status as a successful occult author in the field of Satanic magic and has thus retained some currency within the broader Left Hand Path. I believe that this is a problem, and Koetting must be challenged. I have recently stumbled onto the YouTube channel of a polytheistic Hellenic pagan going by the name Aliakai. They have two videos on the subject of E. A. Koetting, and they both contain some very disturbing facts about Koetting, which I would like to share here.Koetting runs a self-help seminar out of Vegas and its name 'Become a Living God' is a perfect summary of everything wrong with his approach to magic. E.A., I own a first edition of your earliest books, but your previous publishers left errors and mistakes in them!”

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Danyal Hussein is obviously mentally ill, and I’d have thought that to draw recriminatory associations and use these as smears based upon his deluded actions is getting decidedly low. I understand that his time on the BALG forums was short and inconsequential, and his criminal actions were committed long after he had ceased his short sojourn on those boards. Becoming A Living God Forum: You try running the best, 24/7 interactive Grimoire and dealing with all the attendant issues. So you’ve decided to signal boost the censorship and persecution of someone who a) was foolishly associated with fascist groups when he was young and foolish, b) is not popular with Occultists who are turned off by his “shameless” style of self-promotion, and c) is associated with “Satanism,” which makes him low hanging fruit for Satanic panic that sells via sensational “journalism,” and said “journalist’s” direct pressure upon YouTube for censorship via corporate deplatforming.

Your statement on Become A Living God is equally pathetic. It answers nothing and serves only to invite questions on why you think “the attendant issues” should excuse grifting. On those grounds we have to consider that, even if we can accept that Ford was not a member of Tempel ov Blood at any point, perhaps there is more to the story of his involvement with ToB and the O9A proper than he is willing to tell us. And the fact is that he has writings contained within ToB’s Liber 333, so even if it’s true that he wasn’t a member, his claim that he never contributed to their esoteric oeuvre is simply not true, and in fact I would go so far as to call it a blatant lie. In any case, it’s quite possible that the true extent and history Ford’s involvement with the O9A might not actually be apparent to us, and it is possible that we can’t even be sure that Ford ever even left the O9A, and even if he did leave them, he certainly never stopped supporting them. Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, the BBC has decided to launch a classic witch hunt with all the sensationalism and expertise they never applied to Messrs. Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris. As a consequence the nature of the BALG boards has altered – so there’s a feather in your cap! Regardless, I am firmly of the belief that the left hand path cannot be defined by the kind of people whose inexorable direction is fascism, let alone murderous conspiracy in service of fascism. Historically speaking, it is not something that can be limited to something as narrow as the pursuit of the ego, and has not been so until the ascent of LaVeyan Satanism, and morally speaking, the consequences of limiting the left hand path to the frankly pathetic egoistic Social Darwinism too often pushed by what passes for Satanism is something that will only eventually lead to the destruction and emptiness of those who continue to pursue it, even if it does not ultimately lead to the deaths of innocent lives. We who aspire to the divine darkness of the left hand of the Sacred believe in our path because we see in it something beautiful and noble, and absolutely essential, that cannot be found in the delusions of transcendence and purity too often sold to the world as the one true religion. We should not allow this to be obfuscated and snuffed out, whether through the work of the evangelists of God’s “light”, or through the work of sinister and traitorous conspiracy.

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